What is a SONICteleporter?

Let’s say your at home and the studio calls and says they need your voice right away… What do you do?

Option one… You could get in your car and drive over for a session (but lets face it, your in you PJ’s and you probably don’t want to get showered and dressed just to knock out a couple of lines).

Option two… You could jump in your sound booth at home and connect via ISDN or some sort of Pro Tools plugin (but then again not everyone can afford what that costs these days).

Option three… But what if I just record the lines at home and email them to the studio? Well that would be a great idea, except email has size limits as to how big of a file you can send, and to get the file small enough you would end up compressing it down to a much lower quality for it to fit. (Not sure the client would like that.) Also when using email you don’t get immediate feedback from the client so you email, then they email back notes, you record and email again, then they have more notes, etc. , etc.

So what’s the alternative?

Enter the SONICteleporter…

This is a simple to use, extremely powerful funky little box that will connect you to a matching box at the other end and give you an encrypted tunnel of audio between you and the studio. Not only does it send your audio to the other side at really high quality (you can adjust it all the way up to uncompressed), but it also allows the other side to talk back to you in real time.

At it’s most basic level the box provides an alternative to some of the more expensive services I mentioned earlier. You buy the box once and you have it for life! No additional fees or monthly charges!

But wait there’s more… Lets say you don’t have the time to sit with someone and do the session, or the engineer at the other end is tied up with other things. No problem! The box has a “Record and Send” function which does exactly what it sounds like. You hit the record button for that studio (the box can connect to up to 6 different studios) and the box will immediately start recording. When you tap the stop button on screen it will send your recording to the companion box at the other end. Later when the engineer is free to work with the file they can grab it off the box using a web browser anywhere on their network.

These are just two of the super easy to use and powerful features of the SONICteleporter. The box has many others. The goal was to provide a powerful yet simple to use box for the working audio professional. Whether you’re doing professional voice over work, your hosting a podcast with remote co-costs, or you just need to monitor some audio in a remote location and be able to give feedback on what you hear, the SONICteleporter is the easy way to do it. The goal was to make a box that only has one purpose in life and that’s to transport audio one way or another. There are alternatives out there that you can run as software on your computer, but there is something to be said for a dedicated device that only has one function. Reliability is key! Because as they say in the Entertainment Business… “Time is money!”